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Prakash Electronic (2017) Full Movie Download MP4 DVDRIP

thumb - Prakash Electronic (2017) Full Movie Download MP4 DVDRIP

CAST:Hemant Pandey, Hrishitaa Bhatt, Sanjay Mishra, Vrajesh Hirjee and Chandrachur Singh
DIRECTION:Manoj Sharma
DURATION:2 hours 6 minutes
STORY: A middle-aged electrician is smitten by a diva who comes to live in his society. He wants to marry her, but his orthodox mentality comes in his way. Will he overcome his hang-ups to marry the love of his life?
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REVIEW: When a movie has a character actor like Hemant Pandey (Pandeyji of Office Office fame) as its leading man, you expect the story to be something special, especially when the film is marketed as a slice-of-life comedy. But Prakash Electronic packs too much – melodrama, a message and suspense in a movie that is an hour too long.

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An orphan, our protagonist Prakash is conned out of the property his parents left him by his sister and brother-in-law. An introvert by nature, butt an overall nice guy, he grows up to be a moderately successful electrician and does pro bono repair work for neighbours. A pretty girl, Barkha (Hrishita Bhatt), rents a house in his building and he is smitten and wants to marry her. There’s only one problem here. No, it’s not that Barkha is way out of his league. Just that Barkha is an aspiring actress and Prakash doesn’t like people who work in films. According to him, “Film industry waali ladkiyan aise waise kaam karti hain.”

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In a film that tries to dispel the myth that all actresses take the casting couch route to stardom, it’s surprising that Prakash doubts her character on more than one occasion. Interestingly, the only word beeped out in the film is ‘item’, which is how most of the characters refer to Barkha. Still, misogyny is not the weakest point in the film. As a viewer, you’re cheated of a twist concerning Prakash’s romantic life, which could have been fun to watch. It does have a handful of funny scenes, but you have to wait for the jokes through cringe-inducing melodrama. Prakash Electronic itself is in serious need of repair on its script, music and jokes.

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