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ISM 2016 Telugu Movie Download DVDSCR Watch Online 3GP MP4

IAZ1BoM - ISM 2016 Telugu Movie Download DVDSCR Watch Online 3GP MP4

Released: 07 Oct 2016
Category:Telugu Movies 2016
Genres:Action, Romance
Country:South Indian
Directors:Puri Jagannadh
Writers:Puri Jagannadh
Stars:Jagapati Babu, Nandamuri Kalyanram


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Ism Movie Review :

  • 2016 ~ Aditi Arya ~ Drama ~ India ~ Jagapati Babu ~ Nandamuri Kalyan Ram ~ Telugu

ISM Full Movie Watch Online Telugu (2016)

Ism (2016): Puri Jagannadh has lost his appeal after Temper.His past motion pictures Jyothi Lakshmi and Loafer had neglected to impress.His new film Ism featuring Kalyan Ram assembled consideration with Kalyan Ram’s look and fascinating teaser.So how is Ism?? Did Puri scored this time??

Plot: Satya Marthanda(Kalyan Ram) is an agreeable youth situated in Europe. He becomes hopelessly enamored with Alia(Aditi Arya) who is the little girl of a feared wear Javed Bhai(Jagapathi Babu).Satya tries hard to charm Alia and right when the time both Alia and Javed Bhai favor of his romantic tale, he cheats them no doubt and leaves back to India. Who is Satya ? What did he trap Javed Bhai’s girl ? How is Satya associated with Javed Bhai ? also, what is the back story behind this ?

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Also Points:

1)Production Values: Ism has rich generation values with spending appearing in every last scene.The visit showcases of Limos,helicopters and so forth demonstrates that Kalyan Ram didn’t put any conditions on spending plan.

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2)Kalyan Ram and Jagapathi Babu: As usual,Kalyan Ram had parcel of changeover into Puri’s style.He did great job.Jagapathi babu gave nice execution in a conventional wear part.

Short Points:

1)Story,Screenplay and Direction: Largely propelled from Wiki Leaks incident,Puri composed a dull script with ghastly screenplay.Even he fizzled in giving striking dialogues.Puri fizzled wretchedly in Ism.This stamps as one of the most exceedingly terrible motion pictures of Puri Jagannadh after Andhrawala.Even his awful ones like Nenu Na Rakshasi and Devudu Chesina Manushulu are part superior to this torture.Entire motion picture is loaded with silly scenes.

2)Actress: OMG!!!!!I think she has perilous propensity for giving pout..She is giving frowns in every last scene independent of emotion.She is awful:(

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3)Music: Anoop fizzled pitiably with his routine music.Songs don’t inspire an emotional response and verses are more horrible than music.BGM is nothing exceptional.

So,Ism stamps as one of the most noticeably awful motion pictures of 2016 and plainly a proof of Puri’s SadISM.

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